Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 37: When the fight is in progress

Chapter 37 When the fight is in progress

"I have always been very confident." Gu Ning's fruit is showing confidence.

"You······" Gu Yu hates Gu Ning, this is a big event, but it shows an attitude that has nothing to do with it. It is so calm that she can't wait to tear it up: "Hey! Gu Ning, you I can do it for a while! I have to see for myself how you are defeated. Also, yesterday, if you don’t apologize until I am satisfied, you are waiting to pay the price!”

Gu Yu gasped his teeth and said.

"I will not apologize. If I want to do it, I will come directly. I am waiting." Gu Ning did not care about it, and he ignored it. When she provoked a smile, she left.

"You······" Gu Yu gas knot, I can't think of Gu Ning is so bold, unwilling to shout at her back: "Well, Gu Ning, you will regret it."

"Gu Ning, will it really be okay?" Yu Mixi still couldn't help but ask, worried that Gu Ning's mother and daughter were really driven out of the old house, not easy to find a house.

"Reassured, nothing." Gu Ning said.

Gradually, Yu Mixi began to become unconditional trust in Gu Ning, so since Gu Ning said nothing, she felt that there would be nothing wrong with it.

Mu Ke looked at Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao coldly and returned to the classroom.

Some people think that Gu Ning didn't dare to come to school today, so when he saw Gu Ning, he was a little surprised.

Isn’t Gu Ning really not afraid?

In the morning, Gu Ning received many people's eyes, including the class teacher. I want to see the look of fear from her face, but what they see is a light, as if nothing has happened.

The last class in the morning was the class teacher. During the class, the class teacher couldn’t help but ask Gu Ning: "You are so confident?"

"I never do things that I am not sure about," Gu Ning said solemnly.

The class teacher had nothing to say, and he was so depressed that he left.

Because the time is about one o'clock, so after school, go to dinner.

Just a few people in Gu Ning just downstairs, they were blocked by Hao Ran. In fact, it is blocked, not quite, because they did not restrict Gu Ning's stay, they just fear that Gu Ning ran, so come follow.

In this regard, Gu Ning said that there is some helplessness, she is so creditless?

"Do you want to ask the boss to eat in advance?" Gu Ning looked at them and said with interest.

"Gu Ning, there is no comparison, don't be so confident." Hao Ran is not convinced, Qin Zunxun and Zhang Tianping are not convinced to take Gu Ning.

In fact, none of them are impulsive and irritating, but they don't know why they have become impulsive when they meet Gu Ning.

Perhaps, because Gu Ning is too calm, they feel that they are not taken seriously.

Or Gu Ning's calmness shows her self-confidence, letting them have an imperceptible tension, subconsciously rejecting and refuting her self-confidence.

"Don't you be confident?" Gu Ning asked.

"You······" Hao Ran suddenly felt that Gu Ning’s words had the ability to kill people without paying their lives.

People around can't help but talk.

"It seems that Gu Ning is really not afraid at all! It’s been this time, and it’s a joke.”

Gu Yu and his team and Shao Feifei and his party are not optimistic about Gu Ning, but seeing her so confident, they feel extremely unhappy.

"Who knows if it is installed?" Gu Yu said.

"That is, I also think she is relaxing."


Shao Feifei wants to ridicule a few words, but there is Mu Ke, she has to maintain her image.

Only from the beginning to the end, Mu Ke did not look at her, which made her extremely unwilling to talk to him, but there are Gu Ning and Yu Mixi.

"Since you are here, it is not as good as ours..." Gu Ning proposed the tone.

"How?" Hao Ran asked in unison.

"First of all, I have to be punished for fighting at school. I don't want to be punished. So, we have to go outside the school. Now we haven't eaten yet. It's better to fight first, lose the guest. Of course, the original conditions are the same. What?” Gu Ning’s last sentence, 'How' is full of provocation.

"Good", Haoran did not object to several people.

"There is a ruin just removed from the back door of the school. There are no people there. Let's go there!" Gu Ning said, and he took the lead. Mu Ke and Yu Mixi followed him, and Hao Ran followed. on.

The people who watched the excitement naturally did not fall behind. Forty students from the four classes almost came, and there were five people from Gu Yu and his team, as well as dozens of other classes.

A group of people can be described as a mighty person who has provoked unsuspecting people.

It is not common for such people to gather in schools, but it is not without them. So many people know that they have to fight and make trouble.

The timid people have avoided, but the good people have followed, from seven or eighty people to one or two hundred people, and also attracted the attention of school security.

But they won't come out until they don't make a mistake.

Gu Ning and his party left the back door and went to the ruins opposite the back door.

Coming to the ruins, a personal blood boiled up and took out their mobile phones, ready to take the next fight.

Although Mu Ke and Yu Mixi chose to believe Gu Ning, they were still nervous because they were afraid of her injury.

"Boss, come on."

"Gu Ning, come on."

Mu Ke and Yu Mixi cheered on Gu Ning, and the sound was trembled.

"Believe me" Gu Ning comforted the road, and the firm voice suddenly made Mu Ke and Yu Mixi feel a lot more.

"Is it until the end, or can't climb until you can't climb?" Gu Ning asked before the start.

"As long as you fall to the ground, you lose." Hao Ran finally because Gu Ning is a girl, did not do too much.

In this regard, Gu Ning has a lot of good feelings for Hao Ran, but she knows that they are still contemptuous of her.

Despise, this is the most taboo mentality in any battle.

"Okay, then, let's get started!"

With the start of Gu Ning, both sides moved.

Gu Ning's movements are very fast, and everyone has not seen it clearly. Gu Ning has already reached Zhang Tianping, and it is not until Zhang Tianping reacts.

Zhang Tianping, who was a tall man, was easily thrown to the ground by Gu Ning, and he was shocked by the crowd.

Zhang Tianping is even more dumbfounded. He has not reacted to what happened, and he fell to the ground...·····

Of course, this is the result of Zhang Tianping's contempt, and Gu Ning has been emptied.

After all, these people are really capable of playing, and if they are fully prepared, they will have to spend more time!

(End of this chapter)

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