Chapter 418 is self-cooked

"Come on, cold outside, fast into the house!" Tang Haifeng immediately greeted, Gu Ning went over, helped Tang Haifeng, and went into the house.

"How is your grandfather's body recently?" Gu Ning asked with concern.

"Okay! This is a blessing for you! I have not found any traces of heart disease, and my body has become tough. It seems to have returned 20 years ago!" Tang Haifeng was too happy to mention this. The old man, the most worried about it, is the body. Can be healthy, can think of illness, can live, who wants to die!

Coming to the hall, sitting down with Tang Haifeng, tea and fruit pastries have been prepared before.

"Taro, eat some fruit snacks, drink some tea, don't be polite, just live here as your own home. It may be a bit late to eat tonight, because I let your uncle and uncle come back to eat at night." Tang Haifeng said.

"Okay, nothing." Gu Ning did not mind.

Tang Yunfan, she really wants to see.

Although I have seen photos, the photos are always better than real people!

At this time, the housekeeper Quan Bohang carried a plate of freshly baked cakes, and his eyes fell on Gu Ning, and he sighed, and then sighed: "This five senses are really like two younger times!"

The housekeeper is the old man of the Tang family. He is already in his fifties. He has been in the Tang family for more than 20 years. It is natural to understand the appearance of Tang Yunfan when he was young, and he also knows the existence of Gu Ning. Therefore, more than Gu Ning, Quan Bohang has no bad impressions, especially when he sees a real person, and sees that she and Tang Yunfan are so similar, they are even worse.

In his heart, I really hope that Gu Ning is the daughter of Tang Yunfan! In this case, at least Tang Yunfan will not be alone in his life, but also has a support.

"Shantou, this is the housekeeper, it is good to call him all." Tang Haifeng introduced to Gu Ning.

"All Bo" Gu Ning stood up and shouted politely to him.

"Hey, Miss Gu sat down, eat and drink something to rest." Quanbohang immediately greeted.

Not long after Gu Ning and Tang Haifeng chatted, just went to the bathroom, and a figure rushed in from the door, shouting: "Grandpa, I am back."

Looking at the lost Tang Jiaxuan, Tang Haifeng was displeased and said: "I will come back when I come back, run so fast, what to do, what to do if I hit someone?"

When Tang Jiaxuan ran in, he almost hit the butler. If he didn’t rush to stop his feet,

Tang Jiaxuan touched his head and confessed: "I know, I will pay attention next time."

Said, Tang Jiaxuan's gaze in the hall, did not see Gu Ning, very disappointed, asked: "Grandpa, you are not saying that the sister is coming? She is!"

He rushed back when he heard the grandfather's notice, but he didn't see anyone. It wouldn't be a grandfather alone at home, lie to him back!

Although Tang Jiaxuan has not seen Gu Ning, she has already had a good impression of Gu Ning from Tang Haifeng's mouth and is willing to recognize her sister.

However, Tang Jiaxuan is still a little nervous in his heart. I don’t know if this sister likes him, but he always wants to have a sister! Unfortunately, he has no sister, only a cousin.

Moreover, the cousin was not so cute, and when he grew up in the military area, he practiced a force and always bullied him.

Although he also studied in the military region for a few years, a little self-defense force, but the skill and his cousin Cao Wenxin can not be compared.

Of course, this is just a way of getting along with brothers and sisters. It does not mean that Cao Wenxin bullies Tang Jiaxuan, and her feelings are not good.

Cao Wenxin originally wanted to go to the army or police, but Cao did not agree, the first is because the industry is more dangerous, and the second is because Cao Wenxin's character is not suitable, too impulsive and irritable.

So now, Cao Wenxin is still an unemployed, and does not know what to do.

Anyway, Cao Jia and the Tang family have increased their careers. Even if she does not do anything in her life, as long as she does not squander her family, she will be able to eat spicy and spicy for a lifetime, so Cao Jia and Tang Jia are also interested in Cao Wenxin’s career or unemployed.

"In the bathroom!" said Tang Haifeng.

When I heard that Gu Ning was already there, Tang Jiaxuan swept away the disappointment.

Tang Jiaxuan just sat down and Gu Ning came out.

When Tang Jiaxuan and Gu Ning were opposite each other, they all groaned.

Just a glance, Gu Ning recognized the identity of the other party, Tang Jia's second grandson, Tang Jiaxuan.

Tang Jiaxuan felt that this girl is familiar.

Soon, I remembered it, suddenly surprised and wide-eyed, violently stood up, very excited: "Yes, it is you..."

Wen Yan, Tang Haifeng asked curiously: "Jia, you know Gu Yutou?"

Gu Ning feels that the other party should have seen the news about her on the Internet because she has not seen him.


Tang Jiaxuan refused to answer Tang Haifeng and asked Gu Ningdao directly: "You, did you save a woman who was trampled and injured at the airport yesterday, and the girl who kicked Zhao Kanglin a few meters away at the racecourse today, and The person who bought all the horses is not you, half in the middle, and won tens of millions."

When he heard Tang Jiaxuan's words, Tang Haifeng was shocked. He only knew about the airport, but he didn't know about the racecourse.

I bought all the horses, half of them, but I have never encountered them! This won tens of millions, it seems that there are very few notes under this gimmick!

Tang Jiaxuan knew that the things on the racecourse were not seen on the Internet, but from the racecourse. Tang Jiaxuan and the Shaodong family at the racecourse are friends. Just now he is also at the racecourse, so he naturally knows what happened at the racecourse.

Only when they got the news, the people had already left, so they didn’t even see it. They couldn’t think of it, but they saw it in their own home.

"Yes, it is me." Gu Ning smiled and replied.

Gu Ning has not had any triumph and pride in these things, which is not a big deal for her.

"Scorpio! You are so powerful!" After the confirmation of Gu Ning, Tang Jiaxuan exclaimed, not only was amazement, watching Gu Ning's eyes have revealed worship, then laughed: "Ha ha! If you let Ouyang they know let The girl who was shocked by them was my sister’s words, and I wanted to envy me."

Ouyang is the Shaodong home of the racecourse, Ouyang Siyuan.

This is what Tang Jiaxuan has already said, ‘My sister’ is very succinct. I can’t help but feel the pain of Gu Ning’s mouth. This Tang Jiaxuan is really familiar with it! However, it can be seen that Tang Jiaxuan should not be easy to get along with, and she is indeed his sister, so for this title, she is not a bit of rejection and no response.

Then, Tang Jiaxuan looked at Gu Ning with a burning heart, with expectations: "Sister, call my brother to listen."

(End of this chapter)

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