Chapter 478 and Gu Man showdown

"Ningning, Xinyue, you are back." Gu Qingyang replied with a smile, seeing Gu Ning, Gu Qingyang is still somewhat cramped, but did not see Gu Ning's bad look, Gu Qingyang was relieved.

Thinking of the news about the opening of "Twilight Beauty Jewelry", Gu Qingyang couldn't help but feel that at the end of the day, almost half of the big people in G City were present!

I can't think of it, Gu Ning will know these characters.

So, can someone like Gu Ning be simple? She has reached a point that is enough for him to look up.

The food was quickly prepared, and Gu Qingyi said: "Eating"

"Come here, eat!" Jiang Xu shouted, and went to the restaurant with Gu Qingyang. Gu Qing and Jiang Xinyue also got up and walked.

Wen Yulan came out of the kitchen and just saw Gu Ning, and her look flashed, but she politely shouted: "Ningning, Xinyue."


Gu Ning and Jiang Xinyue shouted, although not so warm and friendly, but there was no estrangement.

Like Gu Qingyang, I didn’t see Gu Ning’s face, Wen Yulan was relieved and continued to serve.

The dishes are coming up, and everyone is sitting down.

"Qingyang, come to the bar! How do you say the New Year!" Jiang Xu said.

Jiang Xu is not a drinker. A person never drinks, unless he drinks a little during the New Year and Lantern Festival. Now that Gu Qingyang is coming, I naturally have to drink a little.

"Okay!" Gu Qingyang will naturally refuse.

Then, Jiang Xu took a bottle of Maotai from the wine cabinet.

This is 53 degrees 30 years Chen Maotai, specifications: 500ml, the price is 4598.00 yuan.

Although Gu Qingyang couldn't afford such expensive wine, he didn't drink such expensive wine, but this is the national wine, so Gu Qingyang still understands.

Seeing this value of nearly 5,000 bottles of Maotai, Gu Qingyang's heart suddenly broke, and some even dare not drink, this cup, it will be several hundred! I can't think of him drinking so expensive wine in his life. Just the most rich Gu Qingxiang in the family, I can't afford this kind of wine. The top is 53 degrees 15 years Chen Maotai, the price is 1998.00 yuan.

But even so, for him, it is still very expensive.

This meal, in addition to Gu Qingyang and Wen Yulan are somewhat uncomfortable, it is quite fun.

After eating a good meal, everyone chatted in the living room. Gu Qingyang took two red packets and gave them to Gu Ning and Jiang Xinyue. Some embarrassed said: "This is a lucky money, although not many, but this is my and my aunt's heart. ""

Yes, if you change a thousand dollars before, it will be a lot of money for them, but for the current Gu Ning and others, it is like a piece of money, nothing.

"Thank you for three trips"

Gu Ning and Jiang Xinyue did not mean to give up, thanked.

Seeing that they did not show up, Gu Qingyang was relieved.

Gu Man and Gu Qing also each took out two red envelopes, which were the lucky money for Gu Qingshi and Gu Yinyin, and they were handed over to them.

Gu Qing and Gu Man did not give a lot. They gave Gu Qingshi and Gu Yinyin two thousand. After all, the money is just a meaning and form.

At about nine o'clock, Gu Qingyang and Wen Yulan gave a speech. Gu Qing Gu Man let them sleep at home, but they still insisted on going to the hotel and said that they had already opened a room in the hotel. Gu Qing and Gu Man did not retain much.

Jiang Xu drove them to the hotel. They didn't want to bother with it, but they insisted that they would compromise.

After Gu Qingyang and his wife left, Gu Ning also went home. Gu Man and Gu Qing chatted for a while before they came back.

"Ningning! You see that your family has changed. It is always relatives. Some things can pass and let him pass. If they need help in the future, if you can help, can you look at your mother?" On the face, stretched out a helping hand?" Gu Manyi and Gu Ning said, in the end is a brother and sister, although there are many unpleasant before, but Gu Qingyang has not completely cold their heart, can gather, she does not want to centrifuge.

"Mom, you can rest assured, I will." Gu Ning did not care about them from the last meal, or else would not propose to let Gu Qingyang couple to go to dinner.

"That's good" got Gu Ning's promise, Gu Man would be relieved.

Seeing that time is not too early, in order not to affect Gu Man’s sleep, Gu Ning pushed Tang Yunfan’s affairs to tomorrow, lest she could not sleep this evening.

After Gu Ning returned to his room, he called Xiao Shaoyu and told him about Tang Yunfan.

Some things that are not necessary to hide, she will not hide the cold and less.

Leng Shaolu also hopes that Gu Man and Tang Yunfan will be able to break the mirror. After all, Gu Man needs a reliance. Tang Yunfan is enough to take care of and protect Gu Man regardless of his character or strength.

The main thing is that they have a subtle relationship with each other, have feelings, and work together again, much better than a stranger.

"Ningning, I have to be busy recently, maybe I have no time to contact you. When I am finished, I will come to you." Leng Shaoyu said.

"Well! I will miss you." Gu Ning said.

"I will miss you too, you have to take care of yourself."

"I will, you have to take care of yourself." Gu Ning also shouted.


Early the next morning, Gu Qing and Gu Man were going to go to the store to clean up the mess. They were stopped by Gu Ning. They had to get the compensation from the people behind the store and then cleaned up. Now send a text message to each member, tell them about it, wait until the store is refurbished and reopen.

Gu Qing and Gu Man are all convinced that Gu Ning, so she listened to her.

When eating lunch, Gu Ning took Gu Man to the sofa and sat down: "Mom, sit down, I have something to talk to you."

"What is it?" Gu Man saw Gu Ning so solemn, could not help but have some concerns, is not what happened to Gu Ning.

"It's about, I am a father." Although Gu Ning is afraid that Gu Man is irritated by this incident, this matter will be said sooner or later.

It is said that Gu Man’s body is suddenly stiff, and his look is not good. “What about him, what?”

"Do you remember that I told you before, my biological father, may not have died? When you met him, he was amnesiad, and it was possible to experience the accident and then restore the previous memory. Instead, I forgot the memories of that year."

"If he is still alive, he just forgot about the year. If he is still not married, or has already divorced, you still have goodbye. If you still have love for you, would you still be interested?" Gu Ning will have asked Ask again if you pass the Gu Man.

Gu Man is stiff and hard, Gu Man is not stupid, Gu Ning asks this, it means that Aning is really alive in the pit, just forget the year.

(End of this chapter)

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