Chapter 560, Dr. 560, Xia Yi, did not answer the phone

The other party analyzes and judges whether the name is true or not. If the letter is true, then the next family will call it, and the name is also M N, but at least one of M and N is greater than the number called by the family (for example, the family called 2 5, the next family called 2 6, 3 4, 4 5 are legal);

If the next family does not believe, then the verification will be carried out, and the total number of dice in the number of points in the owner's account will be the sum of the number of dice. If there are at least M N points, then the family will win, otherwise the next will win. 5 6, if there are only 4 6 points when opening, then the family loses, if there are 5 or more 6 points, then the next home loses).

In general, there are some subsidiary rules for bragging: if one point is variable for any number of points, once you are called, you can only return yourself;

Single, that is, if you have a straight one in your own 5 dice, it will be zero.

"Okay, just play bragging."

Everyone has agreed.

"If you want to come and play too! If you lose, you don't have to drink, just drink water." Tong Jiayao said, she thought, if she can let the game play with the cold, she can get in touch with the other party, at least let the other person like herself. Before, first get to know each other and get familiar with it, isn't it?

"Yes! You can drink water." Several people followed the road, but they were not afraid that they were bored, but they were playing with them, not good.

If you talk, you just know each other and have nothing to say.

"Then let me play with you!" Gu Ning thinks that everyone's words are said to be on the list. If they refuse, they will be so arrogant and look down on others.

However, Gu Ning knew that Leng Shaolu had no interest in these, and he did not ask him to come with himself. Of course, everyone is not reluctant.

This time Gu Ning did not use the perspective of the eye, if this small game is also playing with the heart, and does not say that this is too small, and lost the meaning of the game.

The last time I used Ai Wei’s perspective, it was just to avenge the cold and the young.

However, even if Gu Ning did not use the perspective, her luck was very good, and she rarely lost. From the beginning to the end, she played about three reals and lost twice.

And they all drank a lot of wine.

At eleven o'clock, everyone will be scattered.

Because there is Cao Wenxin, Gu Ning can only send the cold Shaoxi to the hotel first, and then go back to the "Huafu Shanshui" with Cao Wenxin, and then Leng Shaoyu will take a taxi to "Huafu Shanshui".

When Gu Ning came back, Gu Man had already slept.

Cold Shaohao also quickly went to Gu Ning's room. This time he did not immediately do anything about Gu Ning. Instead, he opened his mailbox with his mobile phone and took the office and factory he found to Gu Ning.

"Then you want me how much rent!" Gu Ning looked a little, asked with interest.

"Don't be cold and less arrogant."

"You are really generous," Gu Ning laughed. Although she said that she was not happy, she was very happy, but she could not accept it. Therefore, she said with a serious statement: "But feelings belong to feelings, business is business, if you don't want it, then I don't want it." Your office is over."

Cold and low-sounding, the brow wrinkled, apparently dissatisfied, but can not refute.

Then Gu Ning looked at the three factories again. She believed in the ability of the cold and young people, but waited until tomorrow to see and decide.

"Right, how many days are you on your vacation?" Gu Ning asked.

"I can't say it. If there is a task, you need to go out at any time. If you don't have a task, you can take a lot of vacations," said Leng Shaoyu.

As a special team, the effort is much more than that of ordinary soldiers. Therefore, they not only need to go out of their tasks, but also have three days of special training every month. There will be one and a half months of Amazon’s original deep forest training every year. .

However, this month's special training has just passed, so as long as there is no task, there is still time.

"Go to the factory at noon tomorrow, after setting the factory, I will go to D city at night. If you have time, go with me!" Gu Ning said.

Cold and sorrowful, the look is bright, should say: "good"

When talking about good business, Leng Shaolu wants to do bad things.

However, Gu Ning’s aunt came, that is to say, it takes four or five days for the cold and the young to do bad things.

Cold and a little face is blue and white, white and green, and the resentment is extremely great. Gu Ning can only shrug innocently. The big aunt is coming, not her control.

So this night, Leng Shaolian even Gu Ning did not dare, just kissed her for a while, then hugged her to sleep.

Gu Ning still gave him a reiki from time to time, afraid to meet the place he should not touch, let him sleep unsteadily.

The next morning, Leng Shaolu left early.

When I was having breakfast, Gu Ning and Gu Man said that they had to go to D City in the afternoon to go to work in the city for two days. Then, two days later, the driver of Tang’s family was picked up.

Although Gu Ning is not there, Gu Man is not used to it, but there is no opinion.

After eating breakfast, Gu Ning and Gu Man went to the Tang family.

Because Cao Wenxin is going back to Cao today, she will not go with Gu Ning.


After picking up the matter with Xia Yi, Qiao Guanxiang was justified in He Na.

At half past eight, Qiao Guanxiang called Xia Yichu on the bed together.

Before, Xia Yichu only made a singer, so she only called her when she needed it. However, now, in order to avoid the rebellion of Xia Yichu, Qiao Guanxiang decided to let Xia Yichu be the assistant of He Na while also serving as her assistant. As long as Xia and Yi are under their eyes every day, they don't worry that she will betray.

What he didn't know was that Xia Yi had already rebelled early and flew to Beijing early yesterday.

When he called in the past, he hanged up after two beeps, and after playing a few, Qiao Guanxiang’s face suddenly sank. There are only two kinds of situations, one is no signal, and the other is that It is black.

And Xia Yichu’s mobile phone has never had a signal, so there is only one possibility.

"How? Did you not answer the phone in the early summer?" He Na also felt that something was wrong, asked.

"Can't get through, take your mobile phone to try." Qiao Guanxiang said, he Na Na immediately took his mobile phone to Qiao Guanxiang, Qiao Guanxiang called Xia Yichu.

However, it was also slammed with two beeps.

"Is it still unreasonable?" He Nana began to feel uneasy, and it would not be, Xia Yichu rebelled!

"I think she should black out our calls." Qiao Guanxiang has a very heavy face. Will they run?

Thinking of this, Qiao Guanxiang was tense and began to give birth to panic.

Xia Yichu, how dare she, is she not afraid of him to work on Xia Yidong?

"Take your other mobile phone out," said Qiao Guanxiang. Another mobile phone from He Na, the number is not in Xia Yichu, so there is no black.

If the phone doesn't work, it may be that Xia Yichu's cell phone really has no signal. If it is, then it can only be explained that Xia Yichu had his number blackened and then betrayed.

(End of this chapter)

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