Chapter 98 presents a new car

As for Gu Ning's true identity, he has no way to guess and will not explore.

As long as he can feel that Gu Ning’s hiring and promise to him is sincere. Therefore, for her threat, An Guangyao did not contradict her heart.

Even Gu Ning hired him because of his ability and connections, but it did bring a lot of help to him.

So, what reason does An Guangyao refuse? He is not a fool.

"I am very much looking forward to having the right assistant of Uncle Un, but still see the unwillingness of Uncle An, because everyone has the right to choose the path they want to go." Although Gu Ning said this, she has already come from An Guangyao. I can see it in the look, he has already agreed.

An Guangyao was completely reacted, and he was moved to have the urge to cry, but he was held back by him.

Suddenly, An Guangyao stood up and bowed to Gu Ning deeply. He said very solemnly: "Miss Gu, thank you for your trust and generosity. I am willing, I will definitely treat the company as my own child." Treating will not disappoint you."

An Guangyao promised, then the relationship with Gu Ning is the superior and the subordinate, but Gu Ning is not a proud person. No matter how An Guangyao is also an elder, it is not good to sit on the gift of An Guangyao, so Gu Ning immediately gets up. .

"Uncle Un, cooperation is pleasant." Gu Ning Chao An Guangyao reached out and then the two shook hands and reached a cooperation.

"There is also a very important thing, that is, what I need is a company with absolute sanctions. That is to say, this company must be in full control of you and me. I don't like to decide one thing. At that time, there are disagreements and quarrels, so that you can't do big things. And, this type of people often take money and don't do things, and they know the intrigue all day long."

"So, I will lift all shareholders. Shenghua only allows three shares, that is, my 70% shares, your 20% shares, and 10% shares are for the market. If they want to stay in Shenghua to work, I will arrange a suitable position for them. However, I also want to see people. I will not stay if my heart is not correct." Gu Ning said nothing.

For this matter, she did not give in, because she does not need the funds of such people, can not allow such people to take money to do things, but also a lot of opinions.

Wen Yan, An Guangyao once again shocked, this little girl, ambition is really not small!

However, Gu Ning’s ambition is admirable and completely human.

If it is not a question of various factors, who is willing to let outsiders invest, and divide what they belong to themselves!

As Gu Ning said, this type of person often takes money and does nothing, and knows the intrigue all day long.

And when you talk about things like cooperation projects, you often have different opinions, and then you have to quarrel.·····

In this regard, he has a deep understanding.

Some people are timid and don't dare to take risks, so they stop.

As a result, cooperation projects and the like have not been carried out smoothly.

This time, An Guangyao is more admired by Gu Ning's discouragement, and is more confident in the subsequent development.

At this time, the meal came, Gu Ning and An Guangyao had dinner.

However, Gu Ning can not pay attention to the rules of what is not to say, because time is limited, it is best to say things when there is time.

So Gu Ning asked: "There is one more thing. I don't know how the building materials of your building are purchased?"

"The manufacturers never sell goods, so they are all agents looking for them." An Guangyao said.

"The building materials you need to build in the community that you are building now is a one-time contract with the agent?" Gu Ning asked.

"No, because the general community is built in phases, divided into one or two phases, so our building materials are also signed in phases. The first phase of Shenghua is currently under construction, and then the second phase. If the seller is not satisfied If the building materials are used, the second phase can be renewed without a contract. However, this situation rarely occurs, because the seller will identify a brand for a long time." An Guangyao said.

Wen Yan, Gu Ning is relieved: "An uncle, really does not contradict, my uncle is preparing to do building materials business, I am thinking, cheaper outsiders, it is better to cheaper, so I want him to do Jianhua Real Estate's building materials agent Of course, I also have my own bottom line. I help him. That is the premise that he has this ability. So Uncle Uncle doesn't have to worry that I will lower the quality of the project because I help my family. In this case, I still It is better to give him a sum of money instead of helping him in his career."

"And, I have no plans to let my family know about my industry. After all, I am too young now and I don't want to worry about them. So you don't have to worry about the other person because you will be ignoring your relationship with me. Let's get along, in business, everything is done according to the rules." Gu Ning said.

Although she handed over the company to An Guangyao, she was immediately responsible for her, and she naturally had control of her. She naturally had the right to use it.

An Guangyao heard the words, but did not feel that there was anything wrong with it, so he readily agreed.

"Right, An Shu, are you related to the IRS and the IRS? My uncle's company is not registered yet. If you think about it, this thing can be faster." Gu Ning asked.

"This is not difficult, give it to me!" An Guangyao readily agreed.

How is An Guangyao, the third-rate rich in F city, and the big taxpayer in F city, naturally has a certain network of contacts in the officialdom.

Although Shenghua Real Estate has encountered difficulties, but before it has declared bankruptcy, there are opportunities to turn over, so the other party will not give him face.

Moreover, this is not a big deal.

Companies register these things, as long as the documents are complete, everyone can do it, but with a relationship, the speed is almost two-thirds of the time.

After eating a good meal, Gu Ning went back to school to continue the class.

In the afternoon, Gu Man called Gu Ning to go home to eat, saying that Jiang Xu had already picked up the car, and the family celebrated, so Gu Ning would not take the evening to study.

On the way home, Gu Ning received a call from An Guangyao, saying that he had already greeted the Industry and Commerce Bureau and the IRS. The other party also agreed, as long as the documents are complete, they will be done within a week.

When I got home, the family was very happy because of the new car. I always praised how the premium car was.

When picking up the car, Gu Man and Gu Qing followed, and they had to sit in their own car for the first time.

They are still sitting in such a expensive car for the first time, so they have been very excited.

(End of this chapter)

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